Paris to The Plaza, Nappa to Tel Aviv

Dara Levy & Associates has traveled the world creating and executing unique and impactful events for VIPs, Banks, Families, Media Outlets et al. Prepared with impeccable taste, an eye on budget and flawless execution, Dara's events showcase the client's brand, vibe and vision, in every detail.

Versus/NBC Sports

Client:   Sports TV Channel
Venue:   Tour de France
Function:   Sports Hospitality
Location:   All over France
Scope:   Accommodations, Location Scout, Activities (i.e. helicopter trip over the Alps to follow Tour), Food & Beverage, Entertainment, Transportation, Promotional Items, Registration, Vendor Hire (i.e. Photographer)

Constellation Brands

Client:   International Wine Company
Venue:   Private Homes, Loft Spaces
Function:   Product Promotion and Press Junkets
Location:   Seattle, Los Angeles, Montana, Fort Lauderdale, Ohio, Nappa, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas
Scope:   Location Scout, Decor, Food & Beverage, Marketing Materials, Print Work (i.e menus), Promotional Items, Registration, Vendor Hire (i.e. Photographer)

Financial Services

Client:   Spruce Private Investors
Venue:   The Plaza Hotel
Function:   Conference
Location:   New York City
Scope:   Decor, Flowers, Food & Beverage, Cocktail Reception, Transportation, Marketing Materials, Signage, Production/Audio Visual, Registration, Vendor Hire (i.e. Photographer)

Private Wealth management

Client:   Private Investment Client
Venue:   Disney World, Mandarin Oriental, Plaza Athenee, Ritz Carlton
Function:   Conference
Location:   Orlando, Palm Beach, Washington DC
Scope:   Accommodations, Food & Beverage, Floral, Transportation, Marketing Materials, Dinners, Cocktail Parties, Activities (Golf), Registration, Vendor Hire (i.e. Photographer), Production/Audio Visual

hedge funds

Client:   Private Investment Client
Venue:   Various
Function:   Conference
Location:   Westchester, New York City, Palm Beach, San Francisco, Nappa, St.Barts, Martha's Vineyard
Scope:   Food & Beverage, Production/Audio Visual, Speaker Liaison, Transportation, Marketing Materials, Breakout Sessions, Vendor Hire (i.e. Photographer)

Dor Chadash

Client:   American Israeli Outreach Organization
Venue:   Capitale (Party Space in an old bank)
Function:   Independence Day Party/Fundraiser
Location:   New York, New York
Scope:   Location Scout, Decor, Food & Beverage, Invitations, Marketing, Entertainment, Production, Registration, Vendor Hire (i.e. Photographer)

Cable/ Satellite Association

Client:   SSPI & ICF
Venue:   Harmonie Club (Members Only Club in Manhattan)
Function:   Reception and Dinner
Location:   New York, NY
Scope:   Location Scout, Food & Beverage, Decor (Floral), Speaker Liaison, Transportation, Marketing Materials, Registration, Vendor Hire (i.e. Photographer)

Celebrations & Galas

Client:   Various

Outdoor Tent, Beachside, Private Member Club, Private Homes

Function:   Personal Celebrations, Fundraisers, Political Events
Location:   Everywhere
Scope:   Location Scout, Food&Beverage, Decor, Floral, Transportation, Invitations, Vendor Hire (i.e. Photographer), Concept, Registration, Production/Audio Visual, Entertainment